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  • 2011

    PT. Prima Anjaya Santoso participate in Manufacturing Indonesia 2011 series
    (30 November 2011 - 3 December 2011) for the 3rd time

    News 2011 - Manufacturing Indonesia

  • PT. Prima Anjaya Santoso having an annual meeting with Sumatran distributor.

    Sumatran distributorSumatran distributor

  • 2010
    Our Marketing & Engineering Team went to Singapore for Mayr product training.

    News 2010 - Marketing & Engineering Team

    Prima Anjaya Santoso are invited to join KSB opening new production facility as their associate partner.

    News 2010 - KSB opening new production facility

  • 2009
    Prima Anjaya attend Mayr ASEAN meeting, where the distributor in ASEAN gather.

    News 2009 - ASEAN Meeting

    Prima Anjaya participate again in Manufacturing Indonesia trade show in 2009

    News 2009 - Manufacturing Indonesia trade show

  • 2007
    Prima Anjaya first time join Manufacturing Indonesia exhibition.

    News 2007 - Manufacturing Indonesia exhibition

    News 2007 - Manufacturing Indonesia exhibition



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