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Safety Clutches

Protect your machines against damage, loss of production and downtimes. With EAS-clutches your machine is completely safe.

We offer the best and most attractive mechanical package. Indicate your drive requirements and we will ensure the security of your machines.

Shaft Couplings

For the correct selection of high-speed, dynamic or reversing precision drives and shaft couplings. Only backlash-free couplings are able to fulfil these requirements.

Safety Brakes

Spring applied safety brakes offer high operational security for all applications, protecting personnel, machines and equipment, reliably braking for positioning or holding duties or for sudden machine stops for emergency OFF or power failure.

Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes and Clutch Brake Units:

•High torque capacity
•Low wear
•Easy assembly and maintenance
•Compact construction

DC Drives

Tendo-PM motors have a remarkably commutation system with a generously dimensioned commutator, a high number of commutator discs and brushes with large surface area.

This technical “luxury” distinguishes the tendo­PM motors by long service life and smooth running.


•limit switches,
•control units, switch gears / modules,
•speed monitors,
•rectifiers and
•modules for spark quenching
in our accessory assortment suitable for our safety clutches and electro-magnetic brakes and clutches.
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